Britain’s aerospace sector signs multiple deals worth at least £34bn

At the start of the Paris Air Show last week UK’s aerospace industry managed to secure well over 400 deals totaling at least  34 billion pounds.

On the long run it’s estimated that these deals could potentially be worth more than £5.5billion to the country’s economy when looking at the amount work that will be done by British companies.

UK’s aerospace sector houses approximately 110.000 people with clients such as Airbus and Boeing. As a matter of fact, the former placed several huge orders including 146 jets from the A320, A330 and A350 product families.

16J-paris air show biz front

Airbus produces the wings of all its passenger jets in North Wales and has its design and testing facility located in Bristol. The company also announced its predictions for the aircraft demand in the upcoming years, showing lots of promising insights.

The company predicts that between now and the year 2020 at least 32.000 new planes will be build which combined have a worth of nearly £3.2 trillion, a portion of which will then go directly into the UK’s economy.

The Paris Air Show was last held almost 2 years ago and managed to attract over 139.000 trade visitors and 285 delegations from over 44 different countries around the globe. This year’s event aims to achieve even more visitors and companies showcasing what’s in store within the worldwide aerospace industry!