Prime and senior ministers will get their own private jet for official trips

An Airbus A330 air-to-air re-fueling airplane, which costs about £10 million, will be specially used for Prime Minister David Cameron and other senior minsters for their official trips from this year onward.

According to the government the re-fitting of the aircraft will save about £775,000 each year since the plane is allegedly cheaper than paying for regular flights for all the ministers combined. 

Voyager A330 - or the future PM's private jet ;-)

Voyager A330 – or the future PM’s private jet ;-)

However, other news sites such as The Mirror are already stating that the aircraft will only start saving money after 13 years of service and the money won’t get back to the tax payers up until the year 2028.

AN unknown source mentioned by BBC supposedly claims that using Royal Squadron planes cost about £6,700 per flying hour, but flying with the A330 would reduce that cost to almost £2,000 per flying hour.

Besides the PM and other senior ministers, the Royal Family should also be able to use the newly assigned aircraft which could potentially save even more money, or at least at a faster rate than the planned 13 years.

The plane should be come into service somewhere early next year according to BBC.