The Airlander 10 makes its first flight here in the UK

So a good while back we’ve covered the unveiling of the world’s largest aircraft to date which happened here in the UK. Now a good 2 years down the line we are finally able to witness the Airlander 10′s maiden flight somewhere north of London.

According to Stephen McGlennan who is Chief executive of Hybrid Air Vehicles (the company that build the enormous airship) there will be more than enough customers for the Airlander 10, ranging from both military and civilian services.

Besides its unique design the Airlander 10 houses some amazing features such as up to 70% less fuel consumption than regular cargo planes while being able to carry heavier loads, a (theoretical, so yet to be tested) airtime of almost 3 weeks (!) and can reach up to 90 miles per hour.

Oh yea, it also doesn’t really need a long airstrip since it can take off almost vertically because it’s partly an airship.



Aside from a set of thrilling photographs you can also check out the world’s largest aircraft take off in the video down below.

Currently the gigantic aircraft is lies still at Cardington where the very first British airships were being built nearly 100 years ago during the First World War. Quite fitting if you realize that at the time the biggest and largest aircraft of the world was stationed right there where Airlander stands now!