UK Air Shows

1280_IWM_2011_070_031_0There are many British Airshows that occur during the year for celebratory and entertainment to the British people. The most popular airshows focus on the commemoration of historic World War II aircraft that have been restored to not only celebrate British victory but to learn from foreign engineering and design. Each year over 10 major airshows occur around Britain hosted by old RAF bases and museums to reexamine the past and develop an association of aircraft excellence for the future.

The major airshows seen around the country host a variety o aircraft based upon a specific theme. The Abington Air & Country Show usually host historic fighter planes and private commercial biplanes, but every year there is a feature aircraft on display to entice the audience. In 2013, the feature aircraft was the international F-16 Falcon that drew a military audience from four separate nations. Other international entries included naval cargo planes from the Netherlands, historic German fighters and various modern helicopters. An airshow’s theme usually draws the crowd, but the excellence in showmanship of the pilots and variety of aircraft used are what make each British Airshow sustainable.

The most prestigious military airshow in the UK is the RAF Waddington International. This airshow showcases the modern and active aircraft used by the Royal Air Force and in 2013 hosted over 145,000 people. The British Red Gnat brigade, speedy F-16s and flying Cessna Caravan were all appreciated by the fans, but the showstopper for the Waddington International was the Avro Vulcan XH558. The Vulcan’s delta wing design and stealthy appearance gave inspiration to all generations of aircraft enthusiast. Other major attractions to this international show included the Swedish historical flight sequence, an anniversary fly past of BBMF Lancaster aircraft to honor the Dambusters raid and a brief display of American helicopters.