World’s longest aircraft was just unveiled in Britain

The worlds longest hybrid aircraft was just unveiled inside a 100 year old hangar Bedfordshire. Bearing the charming name of HAV304 it’s now officially the world’s biggest and longest aircraft every build with a staggering length of 300 ft. making it 18 ft. longer than the enormous Airbus 380 and almost as long as the Big Ben’s height!

The aircraft is a hybrid between an airship and modern airplane which makes it about 70 percent more environmentally friendly than a modern cargo plane.

It can furthermore take off without the need of a (long) runway as long as there’s a wide open space available and can supposedly stay in the air for up to 3 weeks making it vital for delivering humanitarian aid and supplies in hard to reach places.

Besides these already impressive features the design of the airship almost immediately catches your attention. Its unique shape is chosen so the engineers were able to make the ship ‘heavier than air’ so it won’t need any ropes to tie it to the ground.

Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson partly sponsored the enormous project and also took a small tour inside the cockpit of the HAV304.


Currently there’s only one HAV304 in the world and there are no plans for making more of them any time soon. The first test flight should happen somewhere at the end of this year.